Red cape & pitchfork? Sorry, no.

Know your enemy.

"Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. "

1 Peter 5:8


The most dangerous enemy is the one you don't know and can't see.

The Bible very clearly shines light on the enemy; calling him by name, giving his origin, a thorough description of his nature and his tactics, and his ultimate end.

The devil does not wear a red cape and carry a pitchfork. He is cunning, clever, and deceitful. He knows your game plan better than you. He's studied your playbook. His goal is to separate you from the love of God, and to have you try and find your fulfillment somewhere else or in something else or from someone else.

He is the father of lies. His tools are lies, deception, and accusation. He is crafty and persistent in pursuing your weaknesses.

He was there in the garden, he was there to tempt Jesus in the wilderness, he drove Judas and hunted Peter. He tried to keep the crucifixion from happening because he knew once it did it was game over for him.

Now, he is playing from behind, trying to lure away the unsuspecting and the unguarded and destroy what he can with the time he has left. He blends in. You have to know him well and know how he operates. If you look for the pitchfork, you'll miss him.

6. Mind the Gap

Seeing Things as they Are