Why 50 Verses?

Good Question.

The Bible can seem intimidating, or at other times so irrelevant or, sadly, intolerable.

It's old, written centuries ago about unfamiliar people and lands. It doesn't seem very applicable to us today in our lives.

Maybe your grandparents had a large dusty old leather-bound book on a shelf and rarely opened it, let alone understood it. Why 2 testaments? What's the difference? All religions are the same anyway, right?

Or you might have heard people refer to the Bible whose lives didn't appear so different or that well put together, or you remember some crazy Sunday school lesson from when you were a kid, or saw someone talking about the Lord on TV who seemed sketchy.

Or it's also very possible that in our post-modern culture you've either not come across the Bible much at all or you've heard that followers of Jesus are intolerant because of what they believe.

​The purpose of this site is to simplify some aspects of reading and understanding the Bible; to distill some key ideas into a concise form while maintaining the essence. The verses are arranged by area of interest and can be read in any order.

The list isn't exhaustive; it's not a replacement for formal Bible study or church involvement. These passages offer a picture in broad strokes of key aspects of life in relationship with God and were selected in part for their clarity and ease of interpretation. Some context and commentary are included as aids. Think of it as a Quick Start Guide.

On the resources page are links to trusted sources of information to go deeper in such areas as history of the Israelites, prophecy, theology and doctrine.

It is our hope that whether you are a saint, skeptic, seeker or spiritual but not religious you will be inspired and take a step forward in your walk with God.

Ready? Let's go!