Staying Power

God's word will never pass away

Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.

Matthew 24:35


Long after you and I are gone, God and His word will remain. We can trust in His word for life.

It just does not fail, no matter what circumstances look like.

There is an interesting corollary to this, a living example, from the early days of the church.

After the resurrection and ascension, and after arrival the Holy Spirit, the work of the ministry had been handed off from Jesus to the disciples. As they were teaching in Jerusalem about Jesus and testifying as to what they had seen, the leadership council of Israel were trying to decide what should be done with them because they were drawing a crowd and growing in popularity. After some debate, a man named Gamaliel, one of the council members, in a moment of clarity and wisdom said that it would be best to leave them alone, because if the movement is the work of men, it will soon die off and amount to nothing. But, if it is from God it will be impossible to stop.

The longevity and persistence of scripture and God's work support the claims that the Bible makes about itself.

23. Alive and Active

Authenticity of Scripture